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Lenovo Z5: the first phone to feature storage of 4 TB

The Chinese electronics are now working on a major project. The project is on a new flagship phone that will be having a bezel-less display. The company is claiming the phone Lenovo Z5 will have no cut-outs.

Chang Cheng is the vice president of Lenovo. Last week Lenovo Z5 was teased by him. In recent days, the bezel-less display is in great demand and everyone is aiming to buy a phone with a minimum amount of bezel. So here Lenovo is trying to satisfy their customer with this new and unique product. Price of the phone is not known till now.

Lenovo Z5 One of the most unique features that the company is providing

Not only Lenovo but every company is aiming to make a phone that is having a bezel-less display. So to keep a step ahead of those companies, Lenovo introduced another unique feature which will definitely blow up your mind.

Mr. Cheng released a second teaser which is showing that the upcoming device will be having storage of 4 TB. This amount of storage was never supplied by any of the phones till now and this is the first phone to do so.

According to the Vice president Mr. Cheng, the company has gained success to provide 4 TB because of a technology is known as the particle technology. This will allow the user to store a total of 2000 high definition movies. It will also have the capability to store more than millions of photos and 150,000 lossless files of music type.

Confirmation by the teaser of Lenovo Z5

The teaser also gives a confirmation about the previously launched schedule. According to the teaser, we also get to know that the company will be releasing an event in the month of June. However, the official date was not mentioned finally by Mr. Cheng.

Previous rumors also stated the Lenovo Z5 will be having a screen-to-body ratio of 95 percent. The most important part to notice is the placement of front-facing cameras, sensors, and earpiece as it is not having the notch.

Now the main question that arises in the mind of common people is that whether they require such amount of storage capacity or not. Depending on the price, Lenovo can gain a huge amount of market only because of the storage feature and an absolute bezel-less display phone.

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