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Join Papa App will provide ‘Grandchildren’ to the Senior Citizens

Join Papa App: Florida based app developer has created an unusual app, Join Papa to provide the senior citizen with their grandchildren with the help of college students, who the app claims are likely “grandchildren on demand”. The app pays wages to the children those who are selected as their criteria of wages is young college going student receives $10 per hour to spend time with the elderly, who are charged $17. A senior citizen is charged $30 to continue this service of choosing their grandchild.

The feeling of loneliness due to various factors like their own children whether go for a job or for some other work and they leave their old parents at home. So it’s a bit problematic situation for the Senior citizen as they end up alone after retirement or they get bored.

But now, a fruitful start has been done by developing this app. This app will surely be a successful app as it will provide the biggest happiness to the Senior Citizens.

How to Join Papa App?

Join Papa an app developed in Florida, to provide grandchildren to the Senior Citizens to pass out their time.

This platform is just like Zomato for food, Ola for a taxi, same as a senior citizen with the youngsters spending their time and sharing some valuable feedback from the Senior Citizens about their life, talking about various aspects of life. This app is also the medium of earning for college students. As they will come to know the real truth of life.

Grandchildren will be called ‘Pals’

As a part of this app, youngsters can join as ‘pals’. They will be called Pals by their members. As they may help them in their household work, can discuss life, can enjoy all joys and worry about life.

In a place like the US, where this problem has arrived so much that senior citizen will not be allowed to select their own Pals. It will be offered by this app. They have to spend $30 more to access this feature.

This problem has also arrived in India as well, in 2004  the National Survey of India reported that about 4.91 million people live alone and are suffered from loneliness. It is expected that the no.might increase as it may lead to dead anxiety.

But overall it’s a great move as it will provide parents to the children, and children will get parents.


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