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Is Your Facebook account protected?

Facebook, today revealed that during a security check in January, it found millions of passwords were restored to its stored in a readable format view. Meanwhile, Facebook fixed the issues and will provide a further update to it. Facebook revealed that different users use the Facebook lite app in the areas which get bad connectivity of signals. Facebook also stated that- ‘ The passwords are not visible to any other people except its employees.

The company on the password issues stated that these passwords are not visible to any outsiders and they have properly found that no one is essential this data for a wrong acquaintance. They estimated that they will notify millions of Facebook lite users if their password is leaked or changed by the company.

In context to this problem they also came to know about the various other steps to safeguard the data of its users.

Nowadays half a population is engaged in various social media sites, they keep on chatting, sending photos, posting various comments and status. Companies now have tremendous work to safeguard the progress and work of its users. Firms now have to look upon the safety of their users.

Ways to protect users Facebook password

In the context of security view, Facebook masks the people password when they create a password so that no company can get access to it. From the security point of view, they use different terms like ‘hash’ and ‘salt’. With these techniques, they can validate whether the right person is accessing the account or not.

Here are some measures:

  • We use a variety of signals to Detect suspicious activity. For example, if a password is entered correctly, they treat as a wrong password to confirm the password, or they Detect if this account is accessed from an unrecognised device. They also sometimes Detect location of its users to verify.
  • To minimize the leakage of the password, companies are trying different measures to validate it, they have introduced a physical security key to the account, so from the next time when you logged in, you just simply need to press that key.
  • To keep a zestful eye on these suspicious activities they sometimes keep an eye on breach announcements from other organisations and publicly post the private credentials. If the data matches, the user will be notified through email.

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