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IIT KHARAGPUR Students Create App to Detect Fake Notes

Users would upload an image of their currency and the app will check the legality of the currency from the 25 features captured by the rear and the front end camera. A group of six students worked on this project.

Students from IIT Kharagpur launched an app to Detect the authenticity of the currency that is handed to the people. People, from now can use this app to know the legality of currency by this app. This app will capture images and will work with its 25 features to perform the action. A group of Six Students performed this task.

Students have been working for different projects as well as like nuclear radiation tracking, know the counterfeit currency through various sensors embedded in it.

 They demonstrated this task at the Nationwide competition Smart India Hackathon 2019.

Students who launched this app are from Computer Science and Engineering, IIT KHARAGPUR. They have developed a code to detect fake currency.

They have developed an image resolution application that will capture the image and will be able to tell about the currency.

The application can be installed on the devices and can be accessed by the people at any point in time, but they should have an active Internet connection.

A bunch of students who performed this task are Satish  Kumar Reddy, Vipul Tomar, Sai Krishna, Drishti Tulsi, D V Surya and T. Y. S. S. Santosh.

One of the Group member T. Y. S. S. Santosh said, “ user will be able to upload the image of the currency note image and the app would verify its authenticity using 25 features captured from the rear and front end. In case of detection of the fake note, the user will be informed about the failure points in the currency.

These phenomenal students have been doing work on various other projects also as nuclear radiation detection. Members of this team were asked to develop a solution for visualising and localising a 3D radiation along with its size and shape.

Students were awarded for their phenomenal work in the field of technology. They were awarded top prizes in the grand finale of SIH 2019 held on March 2,3 at IIT KHARAGPUR campus.

Students addressed the public and motivated other students to work for the betterment of people and should work in the field of technology.

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