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How Is AI Changing Your Everyday Life?

People are exposed to machine learning every day, in every sector of our lives. The most visible part can be noticed during the usage of social media or shopping. Personalized ads, chatbots, and many other tasks are performed by artificial intelligence. But the most important question must be asked: how AI systems change our everyday lives in various fields?

AI influence on social media

The most significant part of artificial intelligence in social media are recommendations, new friends suggestions, through content to advertising. AI processes lots of data to, for example, on Instagram, enhances the users’ experience with fighting spam, cyberbullying, and offensive comments. It learns every day what the user’s preferences are to improve the usage of social media and helps businesses with advertising. It’s the best opportunity for small businesses to promote themselves on social media. They can easily upload a video and advertise their products. Thanks to artificial intelligence, we can feel safer in social media and benefit from more accurate recommendations and ads. TowardsDataScience explains in more detail how every one of the popular social platforms operates based on AI.

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Workplace improvement with AI

Entrepreneurs and their employees have pretty busy schedules. Writing and answering thousands of emails every day can be time-consuming and exhausting. Artificial intelligence helps communicate immediately with clients to increase satisfaction and ease the work. Companies gather an unbelievable amount of data every single day. AI processes it and makes it valuable for the marketing department. Without artificial intelligence, the workflow would be a lot worse, more expensive, and slower.

Everyday activities that AI helps with

Artificial intelligence can change everyone’s lives daily, even with simple tasks, like searching for information on the web with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, or Cortana. We can ask them for almost everything with simple commands. It’s a great solution for introverts to have a small talk with their digital assistant.

Self-driving vehicles can be a significant change. Especially for people afraid of driving or just tired after a long journey. Digital maps also help with traveling. They are updating us about traffic, road works and most importantly, lead us to our destination.

The next convenient example is predictive search. Google, based on collected data, guesses and recommends a term that you are trying to search. Sometimes even one word is enough to show you a whole sentence that you are looking for. What is more, it shows the most quality content at the very beginning of the page.

Online stores and services

Companies want to satisfy as many customers as they can. Artificial intelligence is providing this opportunity in many ways. Firstly, it automatically sends a newsletter to thousands of buyers about the new products, discounts, and other important information. During the usage of their page or social media, they gather personal data to recommend the best products for every one of the customers. AI daily learns how to better serve consumers. It also helps to manage the traffic patterns, predicate future demands and identify security threats.

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Chatbots also play a vital role for enterprises, providing immediate conversation with customers. It makes us feel important and appreciated but also simplifies the work of employees. During every chat, the machine learns about new problems and solutions. It’s very convenient for us to be understood so quickly and not wait a couple of days for an answer, or worse, not get it at all. Sometimes, AI is used in online entertainment, e.g., online casinos. Technology might be used to root out cheating players or boost profit. You can easily find out how advanced technology is in this field, e.g., on sites like It offers lists of various casinos (in Kuwait and elsewhere), where the experience is as technologically advanced as possible.

In conclusion

Artificial intelligence changes everyday life in every sector. From the company’s workflow and their services to the basic, regular tasks. It’s improving daily by deep learning to help people and provide easier activities. Nowadays, we don’t have to turn on music by ourselves, set a meeting in a calendar, or even type a phrase in Google. AI will do almost everything for us, and it’s constantly developing to make our lives easier. However, there are also some slightly unsettling questions that the Internet Society, among others, tries to answer.

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