Here’s how to recover deleted Whatsapp messages, attachments, and status on your smartphone!!!

Whatsapp has become a necessary app for today’s world as it delivers messages super fast. Plus, it is secure to send texts on WhatsApp as the messages and calls sent through the medium are end-to-end encrypted. Whatsapp offers other features like group chats, video call, phone call, and video conferencing with the contact list saved on your smartphone. You can also add a story or status on Whatsapp that usually disappears after 24 hours duration. Overall, WhatsApp provides a great experience of staying in touch with your loved ones.

Whatsapp now also allows to delete a sent message as many were waiting for such an option on the platform. It is useful when you send a text to the wrong contact by misatke. However, its really annoying to see “This message was deleted” notification. The same notification is displayed when the sender selects “Delete for everyone” for a particular message. Moreover, you can also miss the chance of seeing any attachment if the senders change their mind. The question here arises, can we really read the deleted messages or attachments sent via Whatsapp?



The answer to the above question is a yes. You can read the deleted texts or attachments, all you need to do is download another application named “WhatsDeleted”. The app is available on PlayStore. After downloading the app, you need to register on the app using the number you want to read deleted texts for. That’s it!!! Now, you don’t need to worry about the deleted texts even if you are not connected to the internet. Just click on the app and you will be able to check the deleted messages by clicking on the sender’s chat there. In the same way, you can also read the deleted text from any group conversation.

In case, you need to check deleted attachemnents received on your Whatsapp, just click on “Attachment” option given on the top. However, the name of the sender is not mentioned in the attachments. Any deleted attachments such as images, PDF’s or Document can be recovered from here. Further, this app also allows you to check deleted “Status” and othe previously uploaded status from your contact list. Hope, this trick will be useful in recovering the deleted texts as well as attachments received on your smartphone.

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