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Google Fined with a Whopping $5 Billion Fine for Breaking Antitrust Laws


Google has been fined heavily by EU regulators for breaking the antitrust laws set by the EU. The company has been hit by a $ 5 billion fine which is a record-breaking number in the history of modern world. This fine was a long time coming for the tech giant that has been using smart methods to penetrate the market and beat competition. Right now Google dominates the market in various avenues and to reach this place the company has irked the rule makers over the years but this time, it looks like Google is going to pay heavily.

Google Cannot Pay Phone Makers to Install Chrome and Search On Their Handsets

One 18 July, European Commission slapped a fine of 4.3 billion pounds on Google claiming the that the company has broken the antitrust laws. The commission claimed that the company has abused its market dominance in three areas and has unfairly squashed the competition. The commission also said that Google’s trade practices denied the consumers their right to have fair access to all products.


According to the European Commission, Google has been wrong in forcing the customers to use the google search engine and chrome by bundling them with other products. Then the commission claims that the second wrong practice was to block phone makers from making devices that used a different version of Android and last but not the least the commission held Google guilty of making payments to phone makers and network companies to include Google search in their handsets.

Google has 90 Days to Make Amends

The European Commission in its statement has asked Google to change its ways and start adhering to rules within 90 days. This means the company will have to make quick changes in its marketing and sales policies and respond. With this, the company will have to stop all ill practices but given the reputation of Google, industry experts believe that Google has nothing to lose.

Google fined by EU has said that it is going to appeal the decision. In an official statement, the company has said that “Android has created more choice for everyone, not less. A vibrant ecosystem, rapid innovation, and lower prices are classic hallmarks of robust competition. We will appeal the Commission’s decision.”

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