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Google brings AMP to make Gmail more synergetic and powerful to its users

Google’s  AMP (Accelerated mobile pages) for Gmail will allow marketers to customize their messages more than before. Google is on a verge to improve Gmail. Google is bringing synergetic and zestful emails for users, wherein the content will be displayed like a standard Web page that you see normally and you will not have to log out of the Gmail to view it. As a whole Gmail is introducing AMP service.

The search engine using AMP technology will know show similar Web pages of hotel listing, fill various forms and access more functions from GMAIL. So far email only contains pictures, information, and links but AMP will take it as a whole by allowing rich content and information.

Google introduced this service in 2015, as a stripped down version of HTML and releasing the coding framework as one content to its users.

Google is introducing out this feature, that will enhance the emails, will make it more attractive and dynamic for the receivers. This feature will be available for mobile phones as well. Google reported will be coming soon. Google’s AMP service also loads the different Web pages in a more efficient way. They make it more dynamic for the users, and the articles you see daily on our phones hitting your notification bar. The company now tries to bring this new experience within itself.

“If you want to take actions, you usually have to go to the link, click on new tab option and visit another website. They are making email more interactive and useful in Gmail. With dynamic emails, you can easily take any action directly for the message itself. Various actions can be executed like fill out a questionnaire, browser catalog, or reply to a comment, Google mentioned in its blog.

Google’s  AMP will allow marketers to customize their content and will be able to respond more efficiently and dynamically. They will be able to add up more content to their email and will be able to present well before the receiving party. Like this marketers will be able to send you an index of products in a carousel form with updated stock mentioned in that mail. The running code will be safely contained, as there is no option to add custom-made snippets.

As of know, it is the first step of implementation, and Google will try to access to the whole network in no time. Google also stated that if you abroad easing email in a third party client, then you will be able to see the only static version, not AMP.


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