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Google Assistant will read Web pages in 42 different languages 

Google is going to roll its new feature in Google assistant that from now onwards Google assistant can read the content on the screen in 42 different languages, or you can say that it can now read content in your preferred language and it will translate it via translation menu. It is named ‘Read Out Loud’. It always tries to come up with new ideas that may help its visitors significantly.

This feature was previewed away back in January at CES 2020. But now it’s becoming globally accessible to all its users. 

To enable this features, users simply need to say something, like for example Good Morning, read it Google or Good Morning, read it Google and the assistant will read it out in your default language. But once you enable the feature it will read for you in your preferred language. Reading text will be highlighted on the screen by Google so that users can follow each and every word and can listen in their preferred language. If the user wants to skip to another, then just simply tap. On the screen. A person who listen news two times, this feature can also help them in listening in two different languages. They can adjust the speed accordingly. 

This feature will be helpful to the users those who can’t understand English or Hindi, Google assistant will be reading for them in their preferred language. It will certainly be a good evolution for the users those who  have a problem while reading from a small screen and now can listen in their preferred language. This is also the better option for the ladies in their kitchen, now they don’t need to say Next after every step, Google assistant will repeat every now and then. 

This feature will be available in Android devices, iOS and other devices as well. Keep checking for its further updates and enjoy this awesome feature of Google Assistant.


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