Facebook’s WhatsApp, now allow users to control who can add them to group

Facebook’s WhatsApp has come up with a new privacy option in its instant messaging apps in which an invite link will help users to join this group or not. This step has been taken ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.

WhatsApp on Wednesday reported that they have added a new feature ahead of elections that now users will control who can invite them to various groups.

This move especially signifies ahead of elections. As social media plays a major role in elections as they deliver various quotes, slogans to the various users that there added to various groups. It helps to reach out to the citizens in the most prescribed way.

WhatsApp group generally include family members, friends, coworkers that turn out to be a participant of that work and the conversation goes on for a while. Users have asked more control of this experience.


The messaging app has added privacy settings options in which an invite link will help users to get connected to that group or not. Users have to respond to that link within three days or else it will get expired.

Previously WhatsApp users were added to the groups without their consent.

To access to this feature users have to go to their WhatsApp setting option, and select of the three options as ‘NOBODY’, ‘My Contacts’ or ‘Everyone’.

If you choose NOBODY, then users will have to accept joining every group to which they are invited.

If you choose ‘MY CONTACTS’  then users from the contacts will be able to add them to groups.

In these circumstances the person inviting you to the group will be evoked to send a private link through a person to person chat, giving the users a choice of joining groups.

The sent link will be valid for three days, after three days it will get expired.

With the introduction of this new feature, users will have control of adding them to groups. This move will surely help in the elections to control the rumours, various types of unwanted actions that take place through social media.

This new privacy setting option will be rolled out to your mobile phones in a few days with the updated version of WhatsApp.

Under pressure to stop rumours, WhatsApp last year banned forwarding messages to five contacts at a time. With the approaching elections, the government has warned many social media sites about the actions that will happen during elections.

However, WhatsApp so far, resisted the government demand for identifying message mastermind ensuring that such a move would be applicable with an end to end encryption and the private nature of the platform.


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