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Facebook down, WhatsApp, Instagram closes down: Server Issues

Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram are still down, WhatsApp facing issues in some parts of the world. The most popular social media sites Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp are facing some serious problems regarding accessing. Users complained that they are unable to send messages, upload images to these social media sites.

“We are focused on working on these issues, and will solve it as soon as possible”, said Facebook executive.

Users are facing these problems from the midnight of Wednesday. Both companies took to Twitter to acknowledge these problems.

The Instagram team also posted on Twitter- “We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, we are trying to solve these issues ASAP.

Users are much frustrated about what is going on with their favourite sites. They are unable to interact with their friends, relatives, and are unable to surf in it. People are taking this issue to Twitter posting various posts like #INSTAGRAM DOWN #FACEBOOK DOWN.

The team members are continuously working to solve these issues, various executives are in contact with their users, and they are assuring to solve it.

The Facebook crash happened a day after Google’s email website Gmail and Google drive faced some serious fall in their servers, outstate these sites also.

In Gmail users faced problems in sending emails and documents. Some of the Gmail users were sending mail to there private companies and they faced a site crash, then they reported about it. The Web page showed 404 errors, marking of the bad server problem.

Google is solving these Gmail issues, and will surely cope up with these problems.

WhatsApp also seems to be stopped for some users across the world like Brazil, Singapore, India, Argentina, there also people are facing the same issues. Facebook, Instagram has been so handy and entertaining sites for the users that the users don’t want to get dispatched from these social media sites even for a minute.

These problems have arisen due to DDos (Distributed Denial of Services), this attack is a cybercrime where multiple comprised system get inculcate in it and start facing issues.

Companies assured to their users that their executives are working on these problems and will get rid of it soon.


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