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Only about two decades ago, not only was your time limited to getting your daily fix of news either by the morning paper or the evening TV news, but also the quantity of information and even quality. What the TV channel decided in your country that was relevant to talk about, that’s what you’d hear. Today, these limitations no longer exist. You can get news from a limitless amount of sources whenever you want. But one problem that came out of that is the quantity is too great for a single person to be able to filter out and read or listen what’s either relevant or interesting to a person.

To help out, we decided to do some digging and check out apps that allow you to easily customize your feed so that each day you get a fresh batch of precise information you want. This way you won’t have to waste time each morning spending hours just to read one good article. Instead, you can get news based on your interests be it politics, entertainment, economy, etc.

Reuters News – Short Videos, Tons of information

This app is great for busy people. It relies heavily on video news, which is great if you don’t have the time to read articles. Videos are quick and to the point, allowing you to get back to business quicker. You can also browse through lists of articles and save the interesting ones to read later when you have the time. Yes, Reuters News really is perfect for someone constantly on the go.

Reuters News lacks a diverse amount of categories. So, instead of being able to find news from a specific place, you have to look through world news and find it there. However, this problem is offset entirely by the search function. If you can’t find what you want on the home page, just type it in the search box and there you are! Simple as that!

Although a bigger percent of news app rely on articles with video as a side content, with Reuters News it’s otherwise. It organizes the information in video clips with quick and on-the-point articles on the side. If you think that you don’t have the time to watch videos, you’ll be glad to hear the videos are quick and they don’t waste time on pointless information. We like how almost every video gets straight to the point so you get exactly what you’re looking for as quickly as possible and without loosing on the quality. There’s also a bookmark option in case you want to check an article or video later. Overall, it’s a great source of all kinds of information and it’s easy to pick what you want to get on a daily basis.

One thing the app could use is news specific to an area. There aren’t categories like America, Europe or Asia, instead, you’ll have to search if you’re interested in let’s say what’s happening in Europe or even more specific, France. But that leads us to the next app.

SmartNews – Countless Sources in a Single Place

We got to say, SmartNews is a fitting name for the app. It basically gathers all news outlets in a single place with regular updates throughout the day. You can play with the app and the filters however you want. Do you only want to get music news from the US? With a couple of taps, you can ensure you only get that information. Do you want to find out what’s happening in French politics? The process is the same no matter how specific and the niche you’re trying to get. We actually stumbled upon this app by accident while checking out if there are specific news apps like French, Italian or American. There are even lists of top 10 French news apps that lists many different news apps we think anyone who appreciates honest information will find useful. Don’t worry, they aren’t only French-related since apps like this one cover almost everything.

Top 10 Apps for News in France

Another great thing about the app is you can also save articles to your device for offline reading. The only thing is there isn’t really a way to organize the downloaded articles so a piece of good advice is to delete articles after reading so you don’t create a mess on your phone. We sometimes found ourselves downloading an article for later reading and when we wanted to get back to it, we couldn’t find it since there were so many things we wanted to check.

Flipboard – A News Stand Just for You

Flipboard is a widely accepted news app and 500M downloads likely speak for themselves. Still, we find people who don’t know about this awesome source of reliable daily news. Similar to Smart News, you can set up filters and let the news find you instead of you wasting hours searching. But Flipboard takes it a step further by offering magazines as well. Basically, if you’re into music magazines or maybe interior design magazines, you can create a “virtual stand” and allow it to fill up every time a magazine you’re interested in reading comes out. This makes it extremely convenient not to only get breaking news but also to jump deeper into topics that are either currently relevant or merely interesting.

Although the app tries really hard to get you the news you want, some categories it offers are a bit redundant. Any serious reader likely won’t care about categories like Sunday Edition for instance since it is isn’t relevant to any specific topic. Don’t get us wrong, even categorizes like that offer interesting articles to read, but if you’re on the hunt for specific stuff, this will seem a bit redundant.


So these are our top 3 pics for news you can download whenever you want and get rid of the annoyance of trying to find the news. It’s amazing how a single piece of software can do all the filtering for you so you can jump into reading every morning while drinking your coffee.


In case you know any other great apps, do let us know as we’d love to enrichen our app collection more. Until then, enjoy your reading.

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