Car Keys could soon be replaced by iPhones and Apple Watches

Technology has evolved so rapidly in recent years, that it is now capturing the whole surroundings. Smartphones are the big inventions to technology. Smartphones can perform almost all the tasks in the day to day life. Yet another work that now is performed by smartphones are your car keys.

iPhones and Apple Watches have the iOS 13.4 software that can unlock your car without using keys. These may soon be used to unlock, lock and even start your vehicles with the help of a pen. This feature has been discovered by the beta version of iOS 13.4 for developers, permits iPhone and Apple Watch owners lock their vehicles at one go. 

According to the reports, owners just have to hold their iPhone and watch close to the vehicle and it gets unlocked without using keys. 

How to Use and Install it? 

This feature will exist within the wallet app, and in the case with express transit cards, don’t require FACE ID after the initial pairing: and will work smoothly without disconnecting. 

The users will require an NFC-compatible car and will need the vehicle manufacturers app installed. Users have to put their device on top of the NFC reader during the initial step, and the car key will appear in the wallet app. Same steps to be followed by the apple watches as well. 

With the upcoming feature, you can share keys to your friends, relatives as well. Users have to invite them. Via wallet app, at which they see a message blinking “%@invited you to use their %@” with unlocking access. This message allows you to unlock/lock the vehicle without keys. 

It is reported that Apple is working with some car manufacturing companies about this feature to introduce in their vehicle, but it is not clear when this feature will be accessible to the public. Work is going on to introduce it as soon as possible. If everything goes on smoothly then we can expect this feature when iOS arrives. 

This feature will ease the workload from the people, carrying keys taking care of it and then returning back. Users just have to simply get access to the wallet app. 

Hope this feature arrives soon. 


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