Kill Switch Kills iPhone Thefts

The introduction of the ‘kill switch’ has drastically changed the figures of phone thefts to all time low. After a survey it was revealed that thieves are no longer interested in stealing smartphones as the kill switch function allows users to lock down their phone which can be activated remotely.

Kill Switch kills phone thefts

The numbers of smartphone thefts dropped to 25% in New York, 27% in San Fransico and a whopping 40% in London. The same follows in other major cities where a large number of people are dependant on their iPhones and smartphones for their everyday activity.

It was Apple that came up with the idea of the kill switch first in September 2013 and after seeing the success and and user’s safety Samsung upgraded int in their S5 in April 2014 and then Google did the same after making it a part of its standard feature with the release of lollipop.

This could be by far the best method to counter phone thefts after many failed attempts before. What the robbers could do now is either figure out a loophole in the system or just find another line of profession.

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