Indian Railways partners with Google for free WiFi at over 400 Railway stations

Indian Railways partners with Google for Free WiFi at over 400 Railway stations
Indian Railways partners with Google for Free WiFi at over 400 Railway stations

In Collaboration with Indian Railway Google is Focusing on Providing Free Wi-Fi Across 400 Major Junctions

The most ambitious and motivated project, Google Fiber providing high speed internet connectivity across USA will now be expanded in the cities of India, a report confirmed recently. Indian Railway in conjunction with Google has decided to offer free high-speed internet connectivity though Wi-Fi hotspots in more than 400 railways junctions across the nation. The collaboration to provide high-speed internet connectivity across railway stations is baptized as “Project Nilgiri” which focuses on providing lightning fast internet connectivity to all the passengers of Indian Railway who are travelling across the convoluted network of Indian railway.

According to a report, Google is looking forward for an ambitious plan for India and is highly dedicated in setting up countrywide internet connectivity through Wi-Fi hotspots in major stations of Indian Railway which will provide the passengers high-speed internet at no cost. The report state that, under phase 1 of the project, Google will set-up Wi-Fi hotspots at over 400 major junctions spanning across India with a deadline of 4 months. Once the connection is developed, it will provide free internet connectivity to all the passengers travelling in Indian Railway after a mobile number verification. A one-time password will be sent to the user via SMS which they need to need to access internet connectivity for free through Wi-Fi hotspots.

The speed of the connectivity for the first 30 minutes will be quite higher and thereafter speed will reduced but commuters can still continue using internet connectivity for free. The phase two of the project is to provide Wi-Fi connectivity to the passengers of running train.

Google is now on the process of testing the services of Google Fiber in India after the successful response in USA. Once the project is done with Indian Railway, passengers can expect high speed broadband services while commuting through Indian railway. There will be a serious competition in Indian market indeed after the full-fledge services of Google Fiber, but ultimately the customers will get the benefits.

Google is working in collaboration with Railtel to complete this ambitious project. Railtel is the PSU having Pan India Optic Fiber Network running across the tracks of Indian railway in urban and rural regions. Today, Indian Railway is successfully offering free Wi-Fi connectivity to passengers of selected routes in trains like Rajdhani Express with the use of satellite communication technology.


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