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Google’s self-drive cars to hit streets in 2015

Google the search engine giant which has been helping millions of people around the world is soon planning to extend its helping hand on the road as well.

The company has unveiled its brand new set of wheels, a car which would take you to your destination as this one as the name goes, is a self-driving car.

Google self driving car
google self driving car

This car is set to undergo test tracks around the Christmas holidays and is going to hit the road around New Year’s Day.

The car comes with no steering wheels or even pedals, and runs on electricity.  It is a culmination of one of the most sophisticated technologies that is reported to have cost the search giant company 150,000 Euros.

Some critics however doubt whether the self-driving car could really live up to its reputation as they believe that the car won’t make smart moves when encountering a situation like heavy rain or even the ability to manoeuvre itself away from potholes and such.

google self driving car
google self driving car

The car be driven in Washington DC and four other states in the US after a legislation was passed to allowed self-driving cars on the road.

Google founder Sergey Brin announced that the self-drivingGoogle car would be available in the market by 2017.


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