Google aiming to manufacturer its own smartphone processors?

After a massive success in the mobile operating system market, the Google is planning to get into the hardware business. Today majority of the devices are run by Google’s open source Android OS. The Google is consulting leading chip manufacturers to create processors designed by the company. As of now, Google outsources the manufacturing of its Nexus devices to players such as LG.

The users are telling the California based company to get rid of third party manufacturers and to create its own hardware too. The company is starting the process by designing processors now. The latest Nexus phones use the processors from Qualcomm. In few years consumers will be able to use phones with Google’s chipset on board.

Google’s approach to manufacturing is going be same as Apple’s strategy in designing and making the products. The Apple designs the chips and partners with OEMs to manufacture it. The chips installed in the most of the android phones are made by MediaTek, Qualcomm and other such companies, which decide the configurations of the processor.  Samsung is breaking the rule a bit by using its home grown Exynos series of processors in few devices.

The results of Google’s meeting with chip manufacturers is out not out yet but the company maintained that the phones with Google chipsets will be out in few years. By creating own chips, Google can manage to achieve optimum utilization of hardware and software in the smartphone. The new chips will give better software-hardware interactions along with better control over the components in the system.

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