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A Guide to Buy The Best Laptop For College Students

A Guide to Buy The Best Laptop For College Students

A guide for College Students to buy a Laptop for a person with senses, a Laptop is as important as his cell phone. And by any chance, if you are a student, the importance multiplies itself by 10. Gone are those days when teachers in your class would make you write notes in your notepads or copies so that you refer them during your exams. We live in an extra digital world now. We have shows projecting the future of Science and we are more concerned about the new operating system in our mobile phones that the government that we choose. As a student, we cannot afford to rely on our generic notebook and ball pens to make notes. Our notes are digital, so are our assignments. This is what makes a Laptop so important in our lives. Here we exclusively present you a few key pointers that you should consider while buying your smart machine a.k.a Laptop.

Best Laptop For College Students 

Firstly, identify the need and the purpose of the laptop. Do you require it for your assignments? To check your mail and casual surfing? To play games and catch movies? Why do you need a Laptop? An accurate answer to this question will suggest you an ideal PROCESSOR that you should go for. For the ones who don’t know what a processor is, the name of a laptop will actually be followed by some letters like (core i3 4th gen). This indicates the processor of the laptop. If you need a laptop to surf and open mails, a less powerful processor should do. In that case an i3 will serve the purpose. If your assignments include the usage of software’s like Coral draw, Photoshop, Auto-CAD etc, you need a laptop with powerful processor. An i5 is what you require. And if you are an extensive gamer or a web designer and developer, go for an i7.

Along with the processor, factors like graphic card, RAM, Display etc are also very keen. You generally need a high graphic card to support most of your High in graphic games, do some web designing work or support 3D graphics. Your geeky friends might just tell you that you require a very high stand alone graphic card with your laptop but the fact is that a decent RAM with an integrated graphics card will serve the purpose. You get integrated graphic cards by Intel, AMD etc. Just pick one that will you’re your laptop’s battery the most.

Another very important factor is the RAM. While buying a Laptop, keep one thing in mind, ‘Better the RAM, Smother the performance.’ So laptops are available with different RAM’s ranging from 2gb to 8gb. But believe it or not, anything less than 4gb is unacceptable. You at least require a 4gb RAM. Anything more than that would be ideal for starters. You don’t want your laptop to act like a snail when you want it to be a deer.

Once your processor, RAM and graphics are sorted, you will have to decide on your display. In my opinion, go for a 13 inch screen. That size is comfortable and big enough to complete your tasks. No matter what, do not go for anything less than 11 inch. Anything less than that would be really uncomfortable to work on. Thanks to our sd cards and portable pen drives, lack of a CD/DVD drive shouldn’t be an issue. Just look for the number of ports your laptop supports. There should at least be 2 to 3 USB ports in your laptop. Also, don’t forget to check your hard drive memory. Today, you’ll find at least a 500 gb hard drive memory in all the laptops. Go for a 500gb or maybe a 1Tb one. There’s no harm in keeping some extra memory in your laptop.

And finally, check out for the operating System that your laptop supports. Generally, the choice is very clear. Everyone goes for Windows. But in case you are studying web development or say engineering for that matter, you might just need Linux. The decision is completely based on your suitability. Some best companies in the market are Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo etc. Look for the warranty and all the required features and make a wise decision. For any other assistance, Comment your queries. Happy Lappying J