Current trends in Big Data and Machine Learning

Every person running a business today knows the importance of data. We are in the digital age today where analytics and big data tend to study the target audiences, contact or reach them and also manage the operations. One of the ways through which such data is being acquired through the use of such applications which tend to utilize machine learning.

This data can be obtained from responses of customers to emails, marketing campaigns, video marketing campaigns and much more. This data is very useful to the organizations as it helps them in gaining insights about the customers. Though, apart from machine learning, there are various other factors that are considered to predict the results of the future and attain desired goals.

Here are some sectors in which machine learning and big data are being used in an efficient manner.

  •       Marketing

The predictive analysis is known to found a home in marketing and data analysts and managers are known as a key to it. They tend to give these marketers 411 as to the things working and things not coming in a specific range.

Integrated analytics in marketing is enabling one in reaching the audience effectively. But machine learning is known to be a new method to acquire such analytics and also to plan the next step while carrying out a marketing strategy.

The ability of machine learning is described as such:

Huge importance is imposed on marketing to reach the right user at the right time and right moment. But this cannot be attained by humans alone and this is where machine learning comes as it enables smarter marketing by giving authority to such marketers to drive consumers at a scale.

  •       Inventory control

Artificial intelligence has been observed recently to make an arrival in practicing inventory control. One of the intriguing examples would be the technology of the camera. Japanese have been known to making an experiment to make storage of security cameras which are helping in identifying thieves through the help of AI. The convergence of the recording camera and AI is not limited to this as the next step is to manage the inventory.

The warehouse inventory system is based on autonomous aerial platforms or ground-based that tends to use AI and ML to read the levels without the RFID or barcodes and also maintains up to the minute inventory.

This is one of the most exceptional uses of data analytics and ML. This not only increases efficiency but also revolutionize it all together. Once the technology is coming to be used widely, it will bring a whole new change as to how inventory will be managed.

  •       Sales Conversions

The AI is used in call analytics for sale conversions and marketing through lead scoring that gives one an authority to view the leads qualified so one can focus on leads diving conversion to business. Automated lead scoring is sad to be based on ML that tends to allow one to identify the ones which one should focus on. Data analytics helps the organizations in finding out the leads that are essential and which can be converted so as to produce fruitful results.

Ai has a huge potential in analytics that can affect the supply chain to a great deal. Machine learning is the future be it in target marketing, price optimization or targeting the audiences. Only time can define as to how huge a change will these both bring to the market and tech world.

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