5 Best Machine Learning Companies To Work For

Machine learning is one of the brightest careers to choose in today’s time. Though to advance the career, one should always choose the right employer as the right company tends to help one in learning new things, developing their skills and also grow as a person. There are a lot of things which makes a company great yet there are some qualities which only topmost organizations posses like:

  • Innovation is one thing which every company should possess to find new ways to help their clients and grow at the same time. Creativity is one thing that every company should focus on. Creativity or innovation is mandatory for ML professionals to grow in their field of machine learning.
  • Machine learning tends to help different sectors differently. Different sectors bring different challenges to deal with. A company that tends to bring challenges helps one to improve their skills. One should always look for such type of organizations which helps one in enhancing their skills.
  • One should always opt for companies that have growth prospects and where one can see the potential to get promoted and grow. If one doesn’t see themselves working at the same place after 5 or 10 years they should probably look for some other company. As only a company with huge growth prospects keeps one motivated to thrive for reaching organizations goals and help the company grow.

Now that we know the basic qualities one should look for in a company before choosing from, Let’s see the top 5 machine learning companies for one to work for:

  1. Ati Motors

Ati Motors is a disruptive startup, that is said to be working on the development of an autonomous electric cargo vehicle. Self-driving cargo vehicles tend to disrupt the industry of logistics. It was founded by a veteran entrepreneur, Saurabh Chandra, and Dr. Vinay. Ati Motors is known to be one of the best machine learning companies. It is perfect for a person thriving to work something valuable and groundbreaking.

  1. ValueCoders

Valuecoders is known to be at the topmost machine learning development company in India. They tend to help their associates to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence tools for various purposes. It is the best company for the one looking to enhance their skills and solve diverse problems.

Performing business analytics, development of recommendation systems are some of the special services offered by the company. Valuecoders have been working in the IT sector since 2004 which is why they have a doof experience to create an active and nurturing environment at the workplace.

  1. Gramener

 Gramener is one of the topmost machine learning companies to work for which tends to provide its clients with a platform of data science to transform insights into stories. It has a platform called Gramex which helps the users in creating visual representations of various analytics in a very short period.

Apart from this, Gramex also tends to enable cooperation and collaboration in the client’s team. One of the interesting facts about the company is that its CEO, Mr. Anand is known to be among the top 10 data scientists in the world. It is known to be a data-driven company which is why any skilled professional would opt for the company.

  1. Pixel Crayons

 Pixel Crayons is one of the topmost software service providers in India which is why they have an extensive portfolio. The services of machine learning of the company include natural processing of language, data mining, and robotic process automation.

The company is said to have worked in various industries and has been commenced in the year 2004. They are said to have served clients internationally, which is a benefit for the aspirants planning to work for the company because as a developer they might be given similar cases to handle as well which could give them a lot of exposure and experiences. The company provides all kinds of Machine learning services so it is a perfect fit.

  1. Nebulaa

 Nebulaa is one of the leading machine learning companies which can show how machine learning is impactful. The Nebulaa team had designed MATT Automatic Grain Analyzer that uses deep learning and AI for identifying healthy grains.

Nebulaa is an agro-based startup that was commenced to help agriculture merchants and farmers. The company had been honored with various awards for their revolutionary product. They have also been known to be highlighted in the annual event of Google which is why they offer brilliant challenges and growth prospects to its team members. Nebulaa is fit for the person planning to make a career in the machine learning field as it has all key aspects to offer one.

These are some of the best companies one can aim at if they are planning to grow in the field of machine learning. There has been a huge rise in the number of startups India has recently too. Machine learning is one of the best fields as it has the highest-paid job and one of the most in-demand positions right now. So these companies are a perfect fit for one planning to kickstart their career.


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