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Google launching new Technologies with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Google Artificial Intelligence (AI): Google is trying to improve its technology regularly. With the recent recognition of a deadly disease such as cancer, Google is now launching Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that has come to the news. The company claimed that you would be given important information about 6 hours before the season. All the research so far has proved promising.

Google recently introduced new research this week. According to this research, Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) is proving to be very important in predicting the season with machine learning. Researchers say how they expressed their doubts about the rains that occurred within 6 hours after a few minutes of calculation. Which would later become very precise and appropriate? Investigators said that “soon Google is going to keep track of the weather forecast.

However, to date, the company has not been involved with the existing Google service. But soon the service will be connected to it all over the world. The company will also launch the service at the commercial level”. Seasonal information can provide huge benefits in areas such as agriculture.

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Google officials say that in these days, the data from the satellite is processed using a supercomputer under one process. All processes are completed in a timely manner and it is too late to get information. According to Google, the company is able to delete all the jurisdictional processes and provide accurate information directly from the radar. 

Google has also launched 3 new apps that could help to reduce phone addiction. These 3 apps are Envelope, Activity Bubbles and Screen Stopwatch. These apps are free on the Google Play Store. The Envelope is only available for the Google Pixel 3a. Although, you can probably get it to work elsewhere, potentially even without crafting an actual paper envelope. Activity Bubbles and Screen Stopwatch are available for a broader selection of devices.

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