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WhatsApp Web service to be shut down? Read what the company said

WhatsApp is improving its platform with many new and advanced features. The upcoming feature of the app, Multi-Device Support, support is going to be launched on the app soon. Currently, the WhatsApp multi-device feature is available for beta users. This is one of the most useful updates of the app. But, has anyone wondered what will happen to WhatsApp Web once multi-device support comes and how users will be able to use it? Will the app stop this service? All these questions have been answered by a spokesperson of WhatsApp recently.

How does WhatsApp’s multi-device support work?

WhatsApp multi-device support allows users to use WhatsApp on devices other than phones, even when their phone is not connected to an Internet network. Earlier, users had to scan the QR code to access WhatsApp Web or Windows and MacOS apps. Back then, the phone with the app had to be connected to the Internet. Only then can you access new messages on your desktop or PC. And when the phone is disconnected from the net, the web or desktop version will also stop receiving messages. But, this has changed after the introduction of the new feature of WhatsApp, the multi-device feature.

How will WhatsApp Web work?

Users can now connect up to four devices to the primary device with the Whats multi-device option. Now, the big question is, what will happen after WhatsApp Web is launched globally? A WhatsApp spokesperson has answered this question, “WhatsApp Web remains an important platform for our users.” The report said, “Until now, WhatsApp was only available on one device at a time. Desktop and web support only worked by mirroring your phone – which meant your phone must be turned on and have an active internet connection.” It needs to be understood that the four additional devices include WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop or Facebook Portal.

If you want to add another smartphone or tab as your additional device, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Simply put, WhatsApp Web and the desktop app will continue to function as usual or even better. If you prefer to send messages on your laptop or PC, you can do so even if your primary smartphone is no longer connected to the Internet.


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