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Government reprimanded Twitter, said- foreign companies should follow Indian law

The dispute between the central government and the microblogging site Twitter is increasing. The central government has announced to end the special status of Twitter for not following the new rules of internet media. The government has become strict after Twitter’s obstinate stand. In such a situation, it has been decided not to give any exemption to Twitter from the Central Government. In this matter, Principal Economic Advisor of the Finance Ministry Sanjeev Sanyal has said that companies will have to comply with Indian laws. He said that especially when foreign companies take a party line in India’s internal politics, or participate in political debates, such incidents point towards foreign colonialism. It is not possible to physically interfere in the internal affairs of a country. But digital colonialism is bad enough.

Twitter’s special status ends

With the end of Twitter’s intermediary status, criminal action can be taken against Twitter if any complaint is received about the content. On June 5, the government had given a final warning to follow the rules. But after repeated warnings, Twitter did not comply with the new rules. Due to this, the government was forced to act.

What will be its effect?

  • Twitter will fall into the category of general media when the intermediate status is abolished.
  • If a lawsuit is filed regarding any content, video or any other thing running on Twitter, then Twitter will also become a party in it and action will be taken against it under the Indian Penal Code.
  • The central government will get the right to block Twitter.
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