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5 Apps That Want to Make You Happier

5 Apps That Want to Make You Happier

Want to be Happier? Get these 5 Apps

Day by Day with growing stressful lives, many tend to overlook the importance of happiness. Everyone is looking for ways to discover happiness in his or her life. What if a Smartphone app can increase your happiness and give bursts of insight to change your life?

Here are the five apps to boost your happiness on The International Day of Happiness. Try at least one of them to see if they work for you.

List of 5 Apps That Want to Make You Happier

 1. Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal, a hugely popular app launched in 2008, as the name suggests is “designed to make gratitude a daily habit.It is created and supported by one person, Carla White, who lives in the middle of farm country, USA.The app asks you to list five things each day for which you are grateful.

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal

2. Live Happy

Live Happy App is based on the research and teachings of Sonja Lyubomirsky, a psychologist and expert in the science of happiness.The application lets you decide what to do from several different activities, and lets you know why and how this particular activity promotes happiness.

Live Happy App

Live Happy App

 3. Happier

Happier App is a social gratitude journal and a mobile app that tells your heart what makes you happy. The app encourages you to capture and share a few happy moments every day. Also, it gives you an uplifting positivity boost whenever you need it and inspires to do more things that make you happier

Happier App

Happier App

4. Happify

  Happify app,founded in Newyork city in 2012,creates science-based activities and games that help you lead a more fulfilling life. The idea of this app is to help you think positively and feel happy by engaging you in various “tracks” with different goals like improving your confidence or seeing new possibilities in life.



5. Happy Healthy

: Happy Healthy app is a simple mood tracker which maximizes your happiness by increasing awareness of health and lifestyle. The app website says “Happy Healthy is not just an app; it’s a complimentary programme that helps motivate the user to eat healthily, do more exercise and get better sleep”.

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