Apple and Samsung In Tiff Again

Apple and Samsung share this history of certain ugly disputes over infringement issues and copyright matters. Guess what, both these cell phone giants are in tiff again. Before you guys start riding the horses in your brain, let us inform you that this time, the war isn’t legal as before. The new battleground is not about a copied design or any technological event rather it’s the E-commerce giant Amazon that has created a competitive situation for both the biggies.

Apple vs Samsung
Apple vs Samsung

Both the companies are selling their Smartphone’s on Amazon and fighting over the top spot with reference to sales. Apple reduced the prices of iPhone 5c by 30%. iPh one 5c is arguably the least sold product by Apple. So Apple is just trying to facilitate its sales on Amazon on the other hand, Smasung announced a 23% discount on Galaxy S4 smartphone to fetch the consumers.
This strategic move by both the giant companies is appreciated by every critic as online platforms are the growing Smartphone selling segments in the market.

Apple vs Samsung
Apple vs Samsung

According to Tarun Pathak, a senior analyst at Counterpoint research , “both tech giants have adopted the same strategy to sell their smartphones through Amazon, this shows that the online market in India has developed in a big way. E-commerce contribution to total Smartphone sales in the country may reach 30% this year as against 15% in 2014.”
Amazon India’s spokesperson confirmed that the sales of both Apple and Samsung Smartphone’s have been remarkably good.

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