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Whatsapp Could Soon Include Facebook Integration and End To End Encryption Indicator



whatsapp_endtoend_facebook_Javier Santos

Whatsapp Could Soon Include Facebook Integration and End To End Encryption Indicator

It’s been two years since the Facebook had bought Whatsapp for a whopping amount of $ 19 billion. The WhatsApp Android version 2.12.413(Beta version) is working on end to end encryption to its chats along with a Facebook Integration. End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is a system of communication where only the people communicating can read the messages.

The leaked screenshots shared by developer Javier Santos’ on his Google Plus post reveal that Whatsapp will now give the option to check that the messages exchanged are encrypted end-to-end.

Currently, WhatsApps calls, chat are encrypted, but end-to-end encryption will ensure device-level security.In addition to end to end encryption feature, Whatsapp is also planning to enable data sharing with Facebook.

whatsapp_endtoend_facebook_Javier Santos

According to the leaked pictures, the beta version of Whatsapp will come with an option of linking your WhatsApp account with the Facebook account “to improve your Facebook experiences.”

You will also be able to share your Whatsapp data with Facebook from the Account settings tab. By using the Whatsapp data, Facebook might target its users with adverts in a more accurate way.


As of now, it is not clear as to why and how will Whatsapp share its data with Facebook. Let see whether the users will like this new feature or not, but currently there’s no official word on it.


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