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Twitter’s revenue idea: Users can edit the tweets; surveying users to bring in more paid services

Twitter is now planning to introduce several new paid services. For this, it has started a survey. The company’s main service is to edit the tweet,i.e., if you make a tweet, you will be able to correct it. According to reports, Twitter will bring a button called ‘Undo Send’ which will work as an edit option. Also, users will be able to tweet more words and upload videos of high quality. But for this service, you have to pay money.

Twitter is preparing paid subscription

This micro-blogging platform indicated last month that it is coming with paid services. Many of these services may be used by other teams in the future. Twitter is now primarily preparing a paid subscription to increase its revenue. According to the information, the company has started surveying these services among customers. It can also run brand surveys with support for profiles, auto-response, additional social listening analytics, and advertising.

The edit button will give 30 seconds time to users

The edit button will give 30 seconds time to users in which they can delete the tweet and also can edit it if they want. No other person will see this tweet in these 30 seconds. For many years, users were demanding the edit button. Users paying for money can also choose more font, hashtag, icon, and theme color in the background.

Paid users will be able to upload videos five times larger

Users paying for money will be able to upload videos five times larger than those currently uploaded. You can also set the menu for auto response. Similarly, other features also have the option to run advertisements on the platform. Job listings and many other features will be available on payment. In the second-quarter results, Twitter had said that we are exploring opportunities for additional revenue.

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