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Lenovo releases the new Smart Clock Essential
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Lenovo releases the new Smart Clock Essential

It comes with Google Assistant

If you’re looking for a brand new smart clock, but not willing to go the full mile with a smart display, Lenovo’s Smart Clock Essential is just the thing for you. The tech giants just recently launched the toned-down version of last year’s Smart Clock. Lenovo has released it as the competitor of Amazon’s Echo Dot.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential: Release date & pricing details

The Smart Clock Essential from Lenovo has just launched this week. At the moment, Lenovo has put a $50 price tag on it. Besides, it costs around $30 less than the 2019 Lenovo Smart Clock.

lenovo smart clock essential

Regarding the device’s release in India, Lenovo has not revealed anything. Still, considering that last year’s Smart Clock got its launch in the country, we think the Smart Clock Essential will follow suit soon as well.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential: Specs

Lenovo’s latest smart clock has an overall size of 64-by-121-by-83mm, and it is weighted at 328 grams. It also sports a modest 4-inch LED display, two microphone arrays, a 1.5-inch 3W speaker and various buttons to control the volume, mute audio etc.

Powering the Smart Clock Essential is an Amlogic A113X processor. Lenovo has further paired it with 4GB worth of flash storage and a 4GB RAM.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential: Features

For a significantly cheaper device, Lenovo’s Smart Clock Essential surprisingly comes with lots of features. First of all, the small device works as an excellent 31 Lumens nightlight. Plus, due to its small size, it can fit anywhere, which is another positive feature of the gadget.

10B Smart Clock Essential Hero L2.0

Since it’s a Smart Clock, the Essential version can show the time and date. Moreover, users can also set alarms and check the weather on it. Meanwhile, the Smart Clock Essentially also can read aloud news briefings, podcasts and even play music. Lenovo has further suggested that the device can be used to control over 40,000 compatible gadgets.

It also comes with full Google Assistant support. Therefore, users can use voice commands to access various features without handling the device.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential: Trailer

Check out the trailer here.

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