In-Flight Entertainment: Watch your favourite movie at an altitude of 35,000 feet; SpiceJet launched SpiceScreen System

Now passengers will be able to enjoy their favourite content even at an altitude of 35000 feet. On Monday, SpiceJet launched the SpiceScreen feature. It is a complementary facility from airlines. The company says that SpiceScreen is the first of its kind, light-in-weight, a wireless entertainment system that will provide a large amount of content on their personal devices through Wi-Fi connections to passengers during the journey so that they get a better travel experience.

SpiceScreen will be available on all Spice Jet flights

Unlike traditional in-flight entertainment systems, by following a few easy steps, connected to an on-board wireless network, passengers will be able to easily use SpiceScreen on any of their personal devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. This facility is available on all Spice Jet flights.

The phone serves as a Wi-Fi service and content hub.

Ajay Singh, chairman and managing director of SpiceJet, said that – Innovation and SpiceJet go hand in hand. While we are very happy to launch our own in-flight entertainment system providing new and best blockbuster content to our passengers, which makes me particularly happy and proud that most of the technology used in SpiceScreen is ‘Made in India’, developed indigenously by our team in collaboration with a local startup. Preparing Android phones weighing around 200 grams to play the dual role of Wi-Fi servers and content hubs is a major achievement and costs around 1% of what we were paying foreign service providers earlier. Going forward, we will use local Wi-Fi to provide additional onboard services to our customers. This is another step in our journey towards a more robust and self-sufficient airline.

The system is made in India, it is completely safe

SpiceJet’s collaboration with local startups is supported by a strong belief in the idea of ​​‘Made in India’. This belief encouraged us to develop high-quality, low-cost indigenous solutions for in-flight entertainment at 35,000 feet. This technology enables us to use cost-effective Android mobile phones as Wi-Fi servers and routers as well as content hubs and servers. Mobile phones are loaded with our special software and do not require a SIM card and each mobile phone can serve up to 40 other connections approximately simultaneously. With two such mobile phones, we are ready to give every traveller a seamless high-quality movie viewing experience. The entire system undergoes rigorous security checks that include extensive security and radio inferential tests before being certified to go live by regulators. In the coming months, food and beverage menus and duty-free items will be available on the passenger’s mobile and can be ordered on-board through the device.

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