Google’s New Service in India: Launches ‘Google Card’; information of the user will be visible to the world

Do you want your name to appear in Google search? If you reach people, then Google has started a special service for you. The legendary tech company has launched special people cards for Indian users. With the help of this feature, in Google search, users will be able to create virtual visiting cards.

Anyone could be searched on Google

With the help of this, you can search for any person by going to Google search, or any person can search for you. In this, the same information about you will be visible to the world. Users will be able to share their website, social media handle, and other information in Google search. It is needed more in India because there are a lot of people of the same name.

Who can make a People Card?

You can create a People Card only when you have a google account, i.e., it is necessary to have a Google account for this. This service displays the information given by the user using Google’s Knowledge Graph. For this, the user has to provide a mobile number. The service of the company is currently for mobile users. This means that to create your public profile, you have to log in to Google account from your mobile device.

What will be there?

Google has added many features given to India’s population. Like any person can make only one card. This card will be issued only after the investigation. If a user wants to close this card forever, he/she can still do it.

What information must be provided to make a card?

To make this card, you will have to provide details like photo, business, location. So that it can be distinguished from other cards with the same name. If the user wants, then this card will also be able to add information like education, contacts, village, and social media profiles. The user will have complete control over his card, he can erase and update his information whenever he wants.

How to create Google People Card, what is the procedure?

People card is very easy to make. Anyone can make it. Let’s know the procedure:

1) First of all, you have to log in to your Google account.
2) After this, the user has to search his name in Google or type ‘Add me to Search’
3) First of all, the user has to Google search ‘add’.
4) Users can start making their cards.
5) You can add any photo you want to your card.
6) You can also write small details about yourself under it.
7) After entering your social media profiles, e-mail, and other information, your card will be ready as soon as you save it.

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