Google Chrome users may get one of the Most Relevant Feature Soon

Google Chrome dignitaries are trying to impose one of the major updates to the chrome. Google has started testing its one of the major features to its chrome users. Users those who leave many tabs open I the chrome will now have to be attentive. They keep no.of tabs open for no use and then forget about them.

Chrome user has to keep. In mind about each tab. This new feature will remind them about all the tabs time to. Time. This feature works on both mobile and desktop. In order to get this feature on smartphone users have to allow permission from settings and then have to follow directions for use. 

One of the most important things that has been kept in mind by the makers of this app is that whether enabled by a flag or by default, chrome will keep. An eye on your tabs and keep. A record of how many times you opened tabs. Once the tab crosses the desired time of opening, it will notify you. 

Chrome will notify after a certain time and will recommend you to close the unused tab. 

After recommending, the unused app it will tell you to review it and if not in use then will instruct you to close it. 

This feature is still in the testing phase but when it will surpass all the test will definitely be one of the most desired updates in chrome. Company officials are. Planning to set it approximately for around 4 hours, 8 hours and 7 days. 

Company has announced the shutting of various apps. The company officials gave remarks on some of the apps that they will rebuild some of the major apps and will update up to its standard. 

This update to the chrome will definitely increase users attentiveness towards the apps and users will be more responsible whole using Chrome. 

Hope this feature may come soon. 


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