China becomes triumphant in invading the celestial body- “The Moon”

The lander would return within a few days and land in the North China

China becomes successful in returning to our Mother Land Earth after invading the Moon. It is also the first country to triumphantly return its spaceship from the Moon after collecting the lunar samples. Recently they have also revealed the video of the Spacecraft entering the Moon that collected soil and rocks from the celestial body and, it’s a Mission Mangal.
The spacecraft consists of an orbiter, ascender, returner and a lander weighing around eight tons. Once the body reaches the orbit, the hand of the robot comes out to dig the materials from the surface and, transfers the samples to the returner. The orbiter has successfully reached the target and would separate from the returner at the right time when there’s proper balance. The returner will collect the samples and land on the Earth within a few days. Sources state that the lander would descend in North China.

After the United States and the Soviet Union China becomes the third country to collect the lunar samples. The scientists will analyse the rocks and samples to know the age and history of the collected samples. It is one of the most challenging attempts in the history of China’s aerospace. The mission attempted to collect 2kg of lunar samples from the Moon to get a more clear vision of the Moon’s surface with the help of the scientists.
Pei Zhaoyu, the deputy director of the Lunar Exploration and Space Program Center of the China National Space Administration, said that the mission of Chang’e 5 is to explore the lunar surface and collect maximum samples applying different techniques than that of the USA and the Soviet. China focuses on exploring more of the Moon further.
Would China be victorious in exploring the lunar space in the future with their skilled scientists?? China is taking the lead!

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