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Xiaomi on Roads: Launches Electric Bike Himo T1 With 120 Km Range

Xiaomi has launched Electric Bike Himo T1, which has a range of 120 Km and available at an effective cost of Rs. 31000. Xiaomi is trying to serve their customers with all the products that they are drying off. Xiaomi has unveiled an electric bike at a phenomenal price of Rs. 31,000.

The brand has made laptops, phones, shoes but now they are eyeing on the new segment which is an electric bike. It will be an effective move as most of the countries are aiming to have a transport facility free of fuel, so to replace it,  this Himo T1 is a perfect setback to it. It will run on electricity and has a range of about 120 Km.

Xiaomi has ventured into it by launching their bike. The company has launched it in China, but it would likely to bring it to India. It’s priced about INR 31,000. It can run up to 120 Km on a single charge. This invention brings a change to the minds of the people and will try to experiment with this new edition of their favourite company Xiaomi.


Himo T1 electric bike comprises of all the features of typical Xiaomi product. Clean and attractions design and with the function so that it can be easily operated. The bike carries a 350W brushless permanent magnet motor and gets powered by the start button. The handle of Scooter is accompanied by an electronic display, which will show various details like, kilometres covered, the speed at which you are riding, time covered.

It houses a bright headlight, LED unit most probably and 90mm wide tyres are supported by hydraulic disc and rear drum brakes for safety while riding. Its power support is handled by the 14000 mAh rechargeable battery and can run up to 120 Km at a single charge.

Himo T1 weights about 53 kg and even if the bike goes to the top speed of 25 km the brakes can be slightly overwhelming.

Clearly, bikes like this are the future, and they cost less and can be easily effective for nature and humans. It will surely prove worthy of it and India in future might get connected to it as soon as possible. We hope that Xiaomi will bring it to our stores very soon.


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