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WhatsApp Upcoming feature: WhatsApp will get these 5 amazing features, the style of chatting will change

WhatsApp Upcoming Feature: Many new features are being worked on by WhatsApp. The company can soon introduce 5 amazing features for this for Android and iOS. It has been confirmed by the company that it can introduce the ‘View Once’ option along with the Disappearing messages feature. Also, the calling feature can be given in the WhatsApp web version. Let’s know about 5 such amazing features of WhatsApp-

Disappearing mode

Disappearing Messages feature is already being given by WhatsApp. But now the company is going to give some new updates in this feature. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told WaBetaInfo that WhatsApp will introduce a Disappearing Mode, which will be enabled in all chat threads. At present, this feature can be updated manually. When this is enabled, the message gets deleted in a limited time.

View Once feature

Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that WhatsApp plans to launch a ‘view once’ feature. This feature is similar to the photo and video feature of Instagram. In the View Once feature, if the user has viewed the photo or video once, then the photo and video get deleted after that.

Multiple device support

The multi-device support feature is being tested by WhatsApp, which can be launched soon. After this, users will be able to run the same WhatsApp account on four devices simultaneously. The company has assured that the multi-device feature will not compromise end-to-end encryption. At present, one WhatsApp account is allowed to run on a single device.

Missed group calls

WhatsApp said that it is working on a new Missed Group Calls feature. Meaning if someone has invited you for a group call. But due to some reason you have missed the group calls, then with the help of the new feature, you can join the group call later.

WhatsApp Read Later

Preparations are being made to launch the ‘Read Later’ feature on behalf of WhatsApp. This feature will replace the existing archive chat feature. And will not bring back archive chats at the top of the messaging app.

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