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Twitter very soon doubled character limit for tweets 140 to 280

If we considered earlier tweet character limit is L-Sized, then now they are going to be XL-sized means twitter start testing of initially character limit for tweets 140 to 280. The company announced that it has initially started testing tweets character-280, doubling the previous character limit, in an attempt to facilitate users be more communicative & Significant. “Our Sources study shows us that the character limit is the main reason of frustration for persons tweeting in English,” the company said in a blog. “While people don’t have to pack their opinions into 140 characters and have more people tweeting — which is remarkable!”

Around 10 percent of all tweets nowadays is precisely 140 characters, Twitter says. It’s very hard task to do that on a certain limit, suggesting that users repeatedly have to revise their primary feelings to fit them under the range. (It’s right for me.) In future, the company hopes to ease that load by doubling(L-Sized to XL-sized ) the character limit in what it calls “languages impacted by cramming,” which is including every language except for Korean, Chinese & Japanese.


It is an important instant for the 11-year-old Twitter, which has been annoying to outline, how to alteration the social media service without alienating the public who have embraced its undersized format. This is a minute change, but a giant budge for us. 140 was a random choice based on the 160 character SMS limit. Proud of how considerate the team has been in solving a genuine trouble people have when trying to tweet. & at the same time maintaining our essence, speed & brevity.

The suggestion of extending the limit of the Twitter post has been controversial internally, batted roughly between product groups that are demanding to discover ways to influence people to make use of the service more Significant & frequently. At 328 million user base, Twitter has been criticized for its incapability to attract more public. Investors have felt panic, as that slowing of user involvement has affected the company’s revenue.

Twitter is now upgrading for a backlash from those who might take concern with a 280-character tweet.“We understand since many of you have been tweeting for years, there may be an emotional attachment to 140 characters,” the company said. “But we tried this, saw the power of what it will do, and fell in love with this new, still brief, constraint.”The negative feedback was fleet, however. Several on Twitter proclaimed it a “terrible idea.”

The experiment will initiate in small groups around the globe. The organization has not said whether it will roll the revolutionize out to all users in the future. Twitter said the community who will get to test the 280-character tweets would be randomly preferred. Whether that may include prominent Twitter users like President Trump & President Modi is unclear.

Some countries president used Twitter to announce their policy, statement, wishes & condolence. In conclusion, “Tweets get right to the point with the thoughts or information that matter,” the twitter said of the 280-character tweet test. “That is something we will never change.”

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