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To avoid cyber crime, always keep these 5 things in mind

While digital transactions have increased in the country in the last few years, the cases of cyber fraud have also increased. Cybercriminals are taking away people’s hard-earned money in different ways. Awareness campaigns are also run continuously by the cyber cell and the bank, but even after this, the fraud has not stopped. Today we will tell you some such tips with the help of which you can make safe digital payments and also avoid fraud.

1. Don’t Click on Suspicious Emails or Links

Cybercriminals use links to hack your device. They send malware or viruses to your phone, computer or laptop through links. As soon as these viruses enter your device, its control goes into their possession. After that, they break into your bank account. So do not click on unknown emails. Avoid clicking on any link.

2. Keep Passwords Separate and Strong

Keep your Gmail, UPI or NetBanking password strong and separate. Password should never be kept on your name, father’s name, birth date, birth year or other personal information.

3. Maintain two-factor authentication

Keep Two-Factor Authentication active to log in to the apps and accounts on the phone. With this, no one will be able to log in nor do any transaction without authentication.

4. Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi for Payment

If you pay online, keep in mind that never make payments by connecting to public Wi-Fi. Your login ID and password are at risk of being hacked by connecting over public Wi-Fi to make payments.

5. Also check the QR code

While making a payment with QR Code, see the name that comes after being scanned properly. Check whether the name of the person you are paying is there or not. Or the payment is going to someone else’s account. Fraudsters often replace the QR code of big merchants with their QR code. Due to this, not only does your money go to the wrong place, but your bank details also go to the thugs.


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