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This Samsung touchscreen laptop rivals the MacBook, 45% off in the deal

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro On Amazon: If you are looking for great laptop deals, then Samsung has got a great offer on touchscreen laptops on Amazon. This 15.6 inch laptop is very sleek and lightweight. It is included in Samsung’s most expensive laptop, whose features are comparable to MacBook. The price of this laptop is Rs 2,29,999 but the deal is getting a full 43% discount, after which you can buy it for Rs 1,29,999. There is an instant cashback of up to Rs 1500 on payment made with Bank of Baroda and Citibank cards.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Book Pro Laptop

Using this laptop continuously does not strain the eyes. It has an AMOLED screen which emits less harmful blue light from the laptop and does not strain the eyes.
This touchscreen laptop is 15.6 inches in size and it is a very sleek, lightweight laptop which is available in dual color options.
This laptop has 11th Gen Core processor which runs very fast. If you want to download a big document, that too gets downloaded very fast in it.
The laptop has 8GB of RAM, 512GB of storage and a long-lasting battery. It lasts for 20 hours on a single charge. Also it gets fast charge
With this laptop, you can easily connect your computer, Galaxy Buds Pro and other devices.
The camera of this laptop is also very good and there is no background noise in it.
The laptop has Windows 10 operating system. It is compatible with Wi-Fi 6E which runs 3x faster than normal

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