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Technology at its best: Doctors performed a remote brain surgery via 5G network

Technology once again proved that it is the biggest asset in the world. Without technology, no work is possible nowadays.

This is proved by the efforts done by the Chinese surgeon. A Chinese surgeon has performed the world’s biggest remote brain surgery using a 5G network, with the patient residing 3000 km away from the doctor.

Dr. Ling  Zhi Pei, with the help of technology, treated patient 3000 km away by implanting a neurostimulator into his patient brain on Saturday. The surgeon reported the instruments in the Beijing based Plagh hospital from a clinic subsidiary on the Southern Hainan island, situated 3000 km away. The surgeon reported that surgery carried on for about three hours and ended successfully. The patient is said to have suffered from Parkinson’s disease.

The doctor used a computer connected with a 5G network developed by a Chinese tech company- Huawei. The doctor said that- “YOU barely feel that the patient is 3000 km away”.

Doctors informed that this surgery can’t be carried out with 4G or any other network, due to its connectivity issues. The new technology seems to have resolved the issues with much extent.

This technology is not acceptable to its fullest but surgeons are trying to introduce it as soon as possible, as it will help the patient. This surgery will benefit patients in many ways like patients need not travel much distance for their treatment. They will be fine at their residents only.

This technology has the capability to allow patients to get treated from far away area or poor regions, they receive immediate help for the top surgeons within no time.

This technology was once used way back in January when the Chinese surgeon successfully performed an operation on an animal liver at Fujian Medical University on the southeastern coast of China. In mid-March, Huawei solutions were used in the first ever 5G surgery also on a liver in a hospital in Shenzhen 2000 km away from the doctor’s workplace Beijing.

Many other places like Canada, Australia, New. Zealand, and the UK, Washington have tried using these techniques and are finding better ways to use this phenomenal invention of technology.


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