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Reliance Jio launching Own 5G Smartphone With 5G Services

Reliance Jio launching Own 5G Smartphone With 5G Services, Reliance, yet again going to surprise its users with yet another innovation of launching 5g handsets with 5g Services. This year Mukesh Ambani company is gearing up for the commercial roll-out of its services. His company has given new challenges and aspirations to other telecom companies to walk hand in hand with his company.

Last year he launched 4g services in India, which boosted up the Internet services in India. Other telecom companies were in a dilemma that how he made such instant progress. As his 4g innovation is successful, he will try his level best to launch 5g Services latest by March this year.

The talks of Reliance Jio working on 5g Services came into more force when a Finance chronicle says that jio could launch the services by April next year. According to the source, Reliance Jio would begin the rollout of 5g Services once the ecosystem is developed for the services. The 5g signals are harmful or not, will come to know about it later.

But an incident happened in Hague, the Netherlands where hundreds of birds died due to high radiations of 5g signals. The movie which showed this major issue is by Robot 2.0 movie. The 5g signals are used by many countries like the United States, South Korea, Sweden, Turkey, Japan, China. And the next will be India with the help of Ambani. Jio will launch 5g handsets simultaneously with the 5g Services.

This will be slightly different from when Jim launched its 4g services way back in 2016, but later on, they launched their 4g handsets. They will replicate 4g services and feature mobile model in 5g as well but the services and handsets will be together. Jio would not only challenge other telecom companies but can be a big threat to Chinese companies like Samsung that is going to launch its 5g Services in India.

5g Services in India will create a new stand of technology that will engage more and more youth towards it so that they learn from such high speeding Internet facilities. The testing of this innovation will begin within 6-8 months and if it would be successful then we may be able to use the 5g network in India at the phenomenal rates. 

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