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Looking for broadband with low price and high speed, then this is the best option in less than 500 rupees
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Looking for broadband with low price and high speed, then this is the best option in less than 500 rupees

Work from home culture has increased broadband connection and consumption in homes. Due to work, people in the office have to put them. Before installing it, users are looking at the rate and speed etc. We are telling you about some such plans of different companies, which will cost you up to Rs 500 and will get good speed in it.

1, Reliance Jio

In Reliance Jio’s JioFiber broadband, you get better connectivity and speed at a lower cost. If you talk about its low-cost plan, then you get 30Mbps speed with FUP limit of 3300GB or 3.3TB in the monthly plan of Rs 399. If you use more than the fixed limit then the internet speed will decrease.


If you want to go to the fiber plan of BSNL, then you get a basic service plan of Rs 449. In this you will get web browsing speed at 30Mbps. This plan comes with a FUP limit of 3300GB or 3.3TB. As soon as the limit is reduced, the speed starts decreasing.

3. Airtel

Airtel’s Xstream Fiber connection is also the best option in terms of speed and cheap plans. Although there are many plans in it, but if you talk about its basic pack, then you have to pay Rs 499 monthly. In return, you get a speed of 40Mbps. The speed reduces after the FUP limit of 3300GB is met.

4. Tata Play

Tata Play was earlier known as Tata Sky. Its fiber is also excellent in terms of speed. Although it starts from Rs 850 per month. In this you get 50 Mbps speed. If you run it for a fixed number of months according to the company, then the plan becomes cheaper at Rs 500 per month as well. Apart from this, if you take a 12-month plan, then you have to recharge 6 thousand rupees. If you look at the month wise, then it comes to Rs 500 per month.

5. Excitel

The number of its users has increased in the last few days. In the Excital Fiber First plan, you get 100Mbps speed at Rs 699 per month. If you take a plan for 6, 9 or 12 months, then this charge comes down to Rs 399, Rs 424 and Rs 490 for 6, 9 and 12 months respectively. The 9-month plan is only for new users. There is no FUP limit in this either. You get unlimited internet at maximum speed in this plan.



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