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LG G8 REVIEWS – Specification


The LG G8 ThinQ is an Android smartphone developed by LG G series. The device is a  successor of LG G7 ThinQ and was officially announced on 24 February 2019. The LG G8 ThinQ mobile features a 15.49 cm display with a screen resolution of 1440*3120 pixels and runs on an Android v9.0 operating system LG G8 ThinQ is a subsidiary of South Korea based LG electronics, produces smartphones, tablets, and more devices.


LG G8 THINQ has a bright sharp screen, a wide angle rear camera, and a fast processor. It’s also water resistant and has a handprint audio jack premium to other smartphones. The LG G8 THINQ when compared to galaxy S10E, it was not able to beat it. The LG G8 THINQ is an objective smartphone, but with a high price tag and no dignified features.

The phone touchless hand controls are annoying to use. Portrait mode for videos is not very smooth, it is not smooth working. When compared with galaxy S10E, regarding camera section it was found that G8 takes solid sharp photos with vibrant colors. Its captures are comparable to galaxy photos but there are some differences like galaxy has a wide range of camera and takes sharper images but the colors of G8 are bit deeper and warmer. LG G8 also has a light setting called night view. Though night view brightens up the exposure, some photos turned out similar to the galaxy S10E. LG also adds a bokeh video recording that mimics depth of field effect of full frame camera. The blur loos artificial and the effect between the foreground and background can be patchy and inconsistent.


Performance Reviews

Now we look into its performance then we may find some of the best in it as

  • The LG G8 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 and the performance is excellent.
  • It is accompanied by 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal storage with micro sd card expandability.
  • It supports gaming with good graphics.

LG has fitted it up with some mind-blowing features. It’s the same silicon you will find everything from the US variant in the Samsung Galaxy S10 family. It can be paired with chip makers of X50 5G modem and we focus on the memory section it is compressed with 6GB of RAM is in the middle of the road as neither more nor less.


Screen Reviews

  • When compared with its predecessor, it wasn’t that much bright and its default color temperature is cooler than expected.
  • The LG G8 is the first of the company flagship phone to use OLED display.
  • It features a 15.49 cm HDR capable panel with a resolution of 1440*3120 and the aspect ratio is 19:5:9.

Battery  Reviews

One of the most important parts of mobile phones is its life.

  • LG G8 3500mAh battery seems too less as compared with its features a and portability.
  • The phone consistently working will drain the battery in a very short interval of time which is not appreciated by its users.
  • G8 supports a Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 standard and wireless charging too.

Other Android phones include 4000mAh battery which is sufficient to work with the phones whole day long.


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