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Jio Gigafiber Broadband, and it’s installation cost

Jio Gigafiber is a fixed line broadband service based on FTTH(fibre to the home) technology. It means that the Internet will be served to your home and office by an optical fibre network which has been laid all around the connect it with you. As the Internet will reach your home by optical fibre, so it will carry very high speed. Jio claims that it will carry a speed ranging from 100mbps to 1 Gbps. It will be free for 3 months and you can get connected to this by my jio app or

Jio gigafiber is free to use under the preview offer. Jio broadband involves a security deposit of Rs. 4500. The company now is checking its durability one its users, and if it’s gets successfully them the company may carry in with this plan.


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Jio Giga fibre installation process

The company, from now onwards seeking interest for its users towards this broadband. Interested consumers can register through my jio app, and once it gets started in your area, company executive will get connected to you.


Company executives have started planning about its infrastructure, to find the best place to set up in. You can approach these executives to get in touch with these services. All the connections being offered by the company is under review as the company has not officially detailed about it, and it is expected that the company will announce its release date soon, in the coming months.


Installation cost of Gigafiber

As for the new connections, users have to deposit Rs. 4500 as security. There are no charges for the activation and deactivation or installation of the service. If the consumer I’d not satisfied, they may return it back and will refund their security money without any deduction. It, however, takes around 45 days to refund the money. According to the company, jio is a prepaid service, but there are plans to start a postpaid service of it if this gets a positive start.

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