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iPhone 15 causing a ruckus among the customers

iPhone 15: This week has marked another revolution in the map of Apple’s iPhone series. However, much about the phone had already leaked and the rumors about what would be new were in the air for quite a long time. Despite making it uninteresting, this fueled the people to start being fans of the iPhone 15 and they waited impatiently for it to hit the stores. The company just launched the awaited and widely acclaimed iPhone 15 which is now available in stores in a few countries across the globe.


The craze for iPhones saw a significant leap from the year 2017 to 2023 in India. It kind of blew off the market and several incidents of ruckus among the customers were reported with the launch of iPhone 15. Fans went overboard to get their hands on the new iPhone 15 in India. But before we dive into the great lengths they went to, let’s unwrap the specifications of the device first.

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iPhone 15 Launch and Price:

The pre-order for iPhone 15 started from 15th September 2023 and was quite successful. According to Apple, the pre-orders did better than they had expected. The theme of the series of Apple’s 15th series was Wanderlust and the last four phones from the series didn’t had any major differences. Still, the demand for iPhone pro and Pro max is quite extravagant. As soon as it the stores on 22nd September, there were line ups in front of the retailing stores of the customers.


There is a great hike in the price of the series when compares to other iPhone series. Compared to other countries, the price for iPhone 15 series is a bit higher in India starting from 89,900 INR for the 128GB model. A variant with the storage of 256GB is priced at 99,900 INR while the extensive version of the phone with the storage of  512GB is for 1,19,900 INR. Whereas in the US and Dubai they are starting with $799 (66,242 INR) and Dh 3,399 (76,719 INR) respectively.


Of course, you can avail several offers and discounts to buy the iPhone 15 or any of its series. Except the discounts that e-commerce sites offer you, there are several credit cards with lucrative offers. Moreover, you can go for the Apple Trade-In offers where you can exchange your old Android or Apple device as long as you have the IMEI number. And, if you plan to get one on an EMI basis, make sure you go for the no-cost EMI offers available on the Apple store or other online platforms.

iPhone 15 Specifications:

The iPhone 15 series had made some subtle changes in design and material. For the starters, the Pro and Pro Max version of the series are way more slimmer than their predecessors. To make it happen, Apple switched to a Titanium casing which not only made it get slimmer phones, but also reduced their weight significantly.


It is powered by a predecessor’s chip A16 bionic chip and the Dynamic Island feature that it inherited from the previous iPhone series. The Pro line comes packed with a 48 megapixel back camera and can zoom upto 5 times optically. And due to the contoured edges of the series and customizable action buttons, it has made it easier to switch to and fro from the ring to silence mode. It also allows you to start penning a memo with voice controls.


Moreover, it comes in two size variation as the iPhone 15 has a 6.1 inch screen while the Pro version of the series has a 6.7 inch screen. You can find the iPhone 15 in five colours including pink, green, yellow, black, and white. At the same time the Pro line only comes in four shades that include blue, natural, black, and white.


And one of the most awaited update of the series was the adaptable USB C-Type charging. Apple finally changed it port from the Lightning connector to the C-Type USB for the iPhone 15 series. Now, you don’t need to carry all those different connectors for your different devices. As long as you have a cable to charge you new iPad or MacBook, it will do just fine for your iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 in India:

Even with comparatively higher prices, India has a crazy fanbase for iPhones. Fans cued up in front of the stores as soon as the news of iPhone 15’s launch was out. Some people woke up with the break of dawn and were in front of the Apple retailing stores to be the first one to have the iPhone 15. While some went a little too ahead and travelled thousands of kilometers to reach the stores.


However, these were not the ruckus moments that we came across. According to a report by India Today, a customer allegedly beat up a worker at the Apple Store in Kamla Nagar, Delhi. The report suggests that both of them got into a scuffle first and then the customer started hitting the shop worker. And the reason behind the ruckus was a slight delay from the seller’s end to deliver the iPhone to the customer.


Probably, these incidents will be in the air for a while until the customers are satisfied with the delivery of the products. Let aside the case that this unexpected high demand of the series did cause a shortage of the phone in the inventory and will definitely take some time to reach those who ordered.

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