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Hidden Facts About Amazon Echo

Have you ever wondered what your Amazon Echo can do rather than playing music and listening to your commands? Amazon Echo is one of the most successful devices ever produced. It is one of the most selling devices in India. Amazon Echo has many hidden capabilities that you are not aware of. Using Alexa to its fullest can ease your work to the limit and will perform various functions.

Amazon Echo can do various functions like it can be connected to the device and can play music, can be used for calling purpose, you can cast something from one Echo device to another, you can also send donations to the charity and Alexa can guard your house in your absence. Alexa has captured the heart of its users. It entered through Echo, the blue-tooth enabled speaker that follows every instruction and plays the music according to your instructions given to it. 

But have you ever wondered what else can Alexa do? So here we bring to you some. Of the hidden Facts of Amazon Echo:

1-Set Multi-Room Music

Having multiple Echo devices in your house is a blessing. You can connect them to one and can play one single song on each device. You just need to create a room and connect all your device’s in one. You can easily stream one playlist or radio channels to several at once. You can put all the devices in one by Alexa App by clicking settings. You can create groups of your choice, but keep in mind that the device should be connected with each other. 

To set a group you need to follow simple steps:

  • Tap on Create Group button. 
  • SELECT Multi-Room Music, give the name and tick the boxes given beside it. 

2-Create Multiple Profiles 

Creating multiple profiles will get access to. Many people around you. Alexa listens to each one of you but it doesn’t gather information about many instructions in one go. Setting up different profiles on Alexa for each person in your house, you can switch them to their playlist and ensures that their music plays on it. 

Creating a new profile. Can only be done by the registered owner of Echo devices. Open settings in Alexa App, click household Profile in the settings menu and enter Id and password. After creating the initial I’d, check in other I’d-password by. Linking them into your account. 

3-Name Game

It is not necessary to call your device by Alexa only. You can name it accordingly and can change it as per your need. Amazon gives you the option to choose from the desired given names. To change this setting you just need to open the Alexa smartphone app, click settings and tap on the device whichever you have selected. Click on edit to change and choose from the drop-down list. 


Some of the more Interesting Facts about Alexa are:

  • Alexa can help you plan your vacations in a budget-friendly way. If you have a Kayak account, you can enable Alexa to plan a trip for you. 
  • Alexa has a solution to every problem. You just simply need to speak to her and she will answer it in the best possible way. Her trivia is beyond Comprehension. 
  • Alexa can be your best friend in no time. It controls your lights, appliances, door locks, and other smartphone devices. Users can browse to smart-home compatibility tools to see what Alexa works with. 
  • If you are taking Alexa to the gym, it can be a good trainer to you as it gets to you with some amazing fitness training and gives you feedback according to your workout in the gym. 


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