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Google Pixel 8: Features Revealed in the Leaked Video Teaser

Google Pixel 8: Google Pixel series has held the title of being the best camera phone ever since its launch. Their handsets have been celebrated for their camera technology by the users. Besides, the Google Pixel 6 series from 2021 surpassed the expectations of the customers. Now, it looks like the Google Pixel 8 is going to be the way through which Google will repeat its historic records. The recent leaks about the Google Pixel 8 only solidified the expectations of the consumers and they are now eager for its release this fall.

Google Pixel 8: Leaked Video Teaser

There have been leaks concerning the Google Pixel 8 every now and then. The fans were already informed about Pixel 8’s competency to record in low light due to the introduction of the Night Sight video. Moreover, the leaks also suggested that there will be a feature to remove unwanted sounds from the recorded clip using an AI audio eraser. The AI will detect the unwanted sounds and will automatically erase them from the clips.


Recently, we got a video teaser that looked quite like an official trailer by Google. However, the video was leaked by Kamila Wojciechowska, a well-known Google leaker. 91mobiles published this teaser for Kamila on their site that explains all the new things about the Google Pixel 8.


The leaker also posted about the camera specification of both the Google Pixel 8 and the Pro version of Pixel 8. According to the post, both of the handsets come with a main camera of 50 megapixels. The Pixel 8 comes with an ultrawide lens of 12 megapixels and no telephoto lens. But, the pro version wins the race with a telephoto lens and ultrawide sensor of 48 megapixels each.

Google Pixel 8: What to expect?

The clip showcases the new features that Pixel 8 holds like the Magic Editor, Audio Eraser, and AI taking over various editing jobs for you. After this, the fans are digging for more and looking for what to expect from the Pixel 8. So, here we are with a few pointers for you.


First, the AI Magic Editor is there to take care of your snapshots and get you the snap you envisioned. The technology was already announced to the world by Google earlier this year and was said to be incorporated with the Pixel series. In the teaser, we get a demonstration of the Magic Editor too. We see how three different shots of a family enjoying a carousel get incorporated into one perfect shot in which everyone is smiling and looking toward the camera.


And, in another example, we see how cool the picture of the woman on the beach turned out after a few touchups. They not only removed the lifeguard from the picture but also showed us that you can now move the subject and change the gradients of the background as well. And, all of this with no Photoshop training!


Next is the Video Boost feature that was mentioned in a flee in the teaser. Except for the instant brightening of the image on the screen, there are no hints about what it does in practice. Also, the narrator did say that through this the AI will help you produce “smoother view” films.


Now when we have crammed you up with all the leaked info about the Google Pixel 8, we hope that you are also looking forward the Google’s October event. Also, beside the Pixel 8, Google is also all set to launch its Pixel Watch 2, keep an eye out for the updates!

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