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Google Map is not useful only to travel, one can use it to earn money
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Google Map is not useful only to travel, one can use it to earn money

Google Map is used a lot for travel. From cab drivers to common man, most of them use the navigation of Google Maps to go to new and unknown places. It saves people from wandering the way, but do you know that with this app you can earn money sitting at home too. You may not believe what you hear, but it is true. Very few people know about this feature. Today we will tell you in detail how you can track location from Google Map as well as earn Earn Money.

Can earn like this

You must have seen many business centers on Google Map. Actually, when any company lists itself on Google, then its verification is necessary. Review is necessary for verification. That’s where your earning option opens. You have to first look for such businesses on Google Map which are not verified. After this, you send a mail to those business owners and tell them how you can help them in the verification. You can also get reviews from others along with your review. In return, you can deal with them and take some charge.

New feature added to Google Maps

Google has added a new feature to the map a few days ago called Plus Code. With the help of this, the user of Google Map will be able to create a digital address of his home. With the help of this digital address, anyone will be able to reach the exact location of your house.




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