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Google launches ‘BOLO’ app to enhance reading capability among students in English, Hindi

Google has been predominantly enhancing India and other countries in improving their various aspects. They continuously helping its users to learn more and more from them and apply those things in real life.

Google has been dominating from decades to decades, they have been continuously launching various apps that help its users to enhance their capabilities.

Google recently launches ‘BOLO’ app for rural students. They have launched this app keeping in mind, about rural students, how difficulties they face in Reading different sentences, stories, phrases and all. Google on Wednesday unveiled this app to aim to help the primary students learn to read English and Hindi.

The free app, which is first launched In India uses Google speech recognition and text to speech technology.

The app features an animated symbol ‘Diya ’ who encourages children to read stories aloud and it helps if the children are unable to pronounce. It also lauds the reader when the reader reads all the lines correctly.

“We have designed the app to work offline, users just need to download this app of size 50MB and then they have access to close to 100 stories in Hindi and English that the children can read aloud and learn more and more in context to that.

BOLO app will be available at Google play store in India for all smartphones that comprise of Android 4.4(kit kat) version and more.

Google India product manager Nitin Kashyap stated that half of the students enrolled in grade 5 in rural India can confidently read a grade 2 level textbook.

Lack of reading can significantly lead to the downfall in the student’s career. Limited access to the resources, material and barrier to learning g outside the classroom are some of the challenges that children often face.

BOLO app is used in about 200 villages in Uttar Pradesh and the early results are too much encouraging with 64% children showing improvement in Reading and their approach has changed regarding reading.

He added that he is working to launch this app in various other languages like Bengali etc.

To ensure the safety of all the users, they are not asked to enter any personal details in this app to logged in.


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