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Facebook Messenger to add multiple accounts support along with other new features

Facebook Messenger will soon allow you to operate multiple accounts along with many other new features. Since the new version of messengers was released, users started complaining about the lack of log out button and getting trapped with just one account. The users also spotted Material Design upgrades to the app. But developers are working hard to make the new Messenger app more multi functional.

The media reports also inform that it may also have SMS integration.
There are many other look changes as well. Previously the app had blue icons and indicators. Now users can see something like inverted color array. Icons and selector remain white but the action bar is in classic deep blue color. The status bar is blue as well.

The material design layout gives this app flat and simplified look. The developer team is yet to finalize various permutations and combinations for the next upgrade but everybody assures that it would be a significant upgrade.

During its initial days, the Facebook Messenger app had dual uses. It had fully functioning SMS integration just like we have now on the Hangouts. Users were allowed to switch from SMS to instant messaging. For some strange reason Facebook removed that feature because it wasn’t that popular. Now with the new upgrade, ‘SMS integration’ is coming back.

There have been leaked screenshots which show that the user is getting an option to use the app as main SMS client. Purple color is separating the SMS’s from the Facebook messages. The input box also indicates the caption which says ‘Write an SMS message’. The caption is supposed to remind you that the SMS service is being used. In conversation, the user with whom you are chatting through SMS will be shown in the purple bubble.

Multiple account support is going to be the new feature which everybody was waiting for in Facebook Messenger.

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