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The Best Game Apps for 2018 – Bunch of fun and excitement

In today’s era, a craze for game apps is increasing day by day. Henceforth apps developers motivated to generate game apps more and more.

Now a day’s youths searching for the latest mobile games to have fun and excitement in their life. And also they like to pass their free time by playing mobile games, even also while sitting on the bus or waiting for an appointment. For such game apps lovers, this year supplies many of novel game apps. Just go through the below trendy game apps.You will just love it!

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is one of the adventurous game apps of 2018. You will be going to enter to the fantasy world where Alto’s Adventure going to continue. You will play the role of a snowboarder in this game, flying down an endless, gorgeous landscape. The journey had players on a snowy peak, but Odyssey heads for bright pastures in a mixture of desert landscapes. The simple animated art style that Alto’s Adventure initiated is particular fresh life in the desert, with beautiful sunsets, dark rainstorms, and amazing starry skies


If you’re a puzzle fan, you must play this game! Dissembler is one of those puzzle games that just feels good to play around with, but it backs that simple happiness with a solid craze of puzzles and gameplay modes.

It’s tough, it’s chic, and its minimal art style leaves you with an organized and attractive piece of pocket skill.

Kitty Powers’ Love Life

Kitty Powers’ Love Life is very different game apps that you have ever discovered. Kitty sets you three missions to reach every week! You’ll be paid coins for each mission you finish and you might even be pleased with a gift!

Positions that you’ve built in the village can be enthused to a diverse region! You can still flatten them if you require to, except touching them instead means that any activities or actions taking place there don’t require to be reorganized!

If a couple is feeling difficult to level up and it’s understandable that they’re not correct for each other, you can shell out to expel them from the village. It’ll cost you a few names, but that could be well again than harassed to force two people to feel affection for each other!

The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is a turn-based planned adventure. It’s a game about controlling the world, struggling wickedness AI tribes, find out new lands and inventing novel technologies.

Auto-generated maps create all game a fresh experience, with limitless play again policy. You can choose different tribes. walk in the dark icy forests of Barduria, discover the damp Kickoo jungles or declare the lush field of the domineering kingdom.

Simple, well-executed gameplay. Singleplayer manner is appealing and diverse bot levels implied well. Multiplayer expenses one in-app buy (0.99 cents) which is comprehensibly specified your game takes place on their servers. The multiplayer is turn-based and you can have fun.

Maverick Hearts

Maverick Hearts is a prison crawler in which your saint stalks the lobbies of its randomized levels crushing completely everything to uncover little, incremental amounts of gold and periodically battling beasts utilizing skirmish weapons, enchantment, and a determination of unique moves. Lamentably, the cells are unerringly dismal, the constant crushing of furniture, shocking interpretation of its turgid exchange, and ineffectively disclosed mechanics add to a mind-boggling feeling of uselessness. To exacerbate the situation it monetizes like an allowed to-play amusement regardless of cost real cash. It’s curiously horrendous and you ought to for no reason download these game apps





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