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8 Best Dash Cams picks for the year 2023

Dash Cams : Even with today’s technology, we still encounter cases of accidents on roads. However, there are some gadgets out there to help us minimize the tragic cases. When we talk about road tragedies, there’s always one party that gets blamed for the incident. In the past, several people used to get falsely accused for the assault despite being innocent. To tackle this, we came up with a gadget called Dash Cams, aka, Dashboard Cameras.


These cameras were originally made for your car to help you record what’s happening ahead of you on the road. But with further development, they now serve more than just a camera. These days, they come with some smart sensors that will notify you about the traffic ahead or lane shift. Moreover, some of them even go further and contact the respective authorities and send them your car’s location in case of an accident. Here is a list of the top 8 dash cams for you to consider and find your car’s perfect match.

I. Transcend DrivePro 250 Dash Camera:

While looking for a dash camera, you will get thousands of options available online which makes it hard for you to choose one. However, this one, right here is one of the best that we got for you. The Transcend DrivePro 250 Dash Camera records in 2K QHD quality and comes with a great display of 1440 pixels. This is one of the reasons for it to be the choice for you.


Adding to its awesome display and recording qualities, it comes with GPS functionality. Transcend DrivePro 250 helps you to track your location and monitor your speed while you drive.

II. Moifive Dual Dash Cam:

As the name suggests, this dash cam comes with a dual camera, one at the front and a rear one. Moifive Dual Dash Cam is an update to its predecessor and comes with a 2K better visual. If you are a sucker for sleek devices then this camera is your to-go option due to its slim design.


The front camera of this dash cam comes with a 140-degree field view and captures everything going on in the front. While the rear one records 2K videos and has the capacity to capture 30 frames per second. It has a GPS installed and comes with an impressive internal storage capacity of 128GB.

III. Viofo A139:

It’s time to level up a notch and present you with the Viofo A1390 dash cam that comes with three camera setups. This dash cam goes out of the way to cover the front and rear and also offers to record the internal of the car. Its size and design make it perfect to install without hindering your windshield view.

It has a GPS and comes with cameras having a 170-degree view of the front and the rear. It also has 6 LEDs with infrared to make it good enough for capturing in the dark. However, it does not have any internal storage and you will need an SD Card. Still, the camera offers more than its cost and is worth the experience.

IV. DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera:

This is a budget-friendly camera that you can find easily online. The camera of the DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera comes with a 1080p HD camera. Also, it can record at a speed of 30 frames per second. The Hi35163C processor in the camera makes it a good product and one of the best in its category.


It also has in-built infrared that helps it to capture better in the dark with its 6-G lens and 2 MP CMOS image sensors. However, along with all these amazing features, it is quite affordable. So if you are looking for a car dash cam that has all the features and does not affect your pocket as much, DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera is for you.

V. Nexar Pro:

This camera was designed for those who spend a long part of their day behind the wheel. For example the taxi or Uber drivers. This compact dual camera fits easily on the windshield and has an easy installation process. It also has some additional features that as GPS data logging and break-in alerts.


The camera is not HD but its 1080p quality videos are quite efficient. Moreover, Nexar Pro is quite durable and can give great results even with harsh and tricky weather. Though Nexas Pro has a few limitations it is the best choice for the concerned users with its affordable price and efficient features.

VI. Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2:

It is a tiny dash cam that will disappear from your windshield as it fits just right on your car’s rear-view mirror. But its size has nothing to do with its camera quality. Garmin Mini 2 comes with an HD camera that can capture 30 frames per second.


Apart from the easy installation, it is easy to adjust due to its ball and socket design. Though it does not come with touch features, it has some shortcut buttons for functions like muting the mike and saving clips. Also, you can operate with the handy mobile application named Garmin Drive. It comes with all the controls you expect from a dash cam along with a smart sensor to detect collisions. However, it lacks a GPS.

VII. Vantrue E1:

It is a compact dash cam that can capture both 30 and 60 frames per second with a 2.5K video and provides full HD quality footage. Vantrue E1 has a tiny 1.54 inch that gives you a preview at the time of installation and its 160-degree angle coverage captures a wide view for you.


It looks like Vantrue E1 has majorly focused only on the camera and video qualities like a typical dash cam and avoided the extras. Though you do not get smart driver’s assistance features with this dash cam, it can be tweaked using the smartphone app.

VIII. Nextbase 622GW:

This is one of the best dash cams you can ever come across in terms of video capturing quality. It can capture 120 frames per second and gives you amazing slow-mo results. The camera quality of this dash cam is up to 1080p. And, has a quad-core processor.


Nextbase 622GW has a big screen display with clear and sharp images. Moreover, it automatically saves videos and other accident footage as soon as it detects them. Also, you will find a button that allows you to save videos of your choice manually as well. Adding to its commendable camera, this also has a great GPS that helps you track with pinpoint accuracy and comes with good voice controls.


It sure is annoying to some people to have their windshield view blocked due to dash cams, but hopefully this list of 8 best dash cam picks for your car. So what are you waiting for? Here’s your cue to get your dash cam.

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